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    AgPack Hydro-Cooler-Sanitizer
    AgPack Hydro-Cooler-Sanitizer M 250, ice-less with Refrigeration unit, Stainless Steel, electric motor and pump.
    Strawberry cooling test by University of Florida/IFAS Strawberry cooling test by University of Florida/IFAS
    ScoringAg© exclusive ⇒ ⇒ Maintaining the integrity of the sanitation
    Publication date: Tue 11 Aug 2020.
    AGPack Bulk bin or RPC recirculating Chiller/ Sanitizer/ Air Knife / All Stainless belt with packing Table Unit, Processor
    By using PAA and Hydrogen peroxide, you´ll get a 5 log reduction in pathogens in seconds, and it is a prevention step that can be recorded for your FSMA prevention records. The 30´ long portable unit from ScoringAg Inc. is built to last and is to be located where it is needed so now fresh fruits and vegetables can enjoy the hygiene of a cool glass of milk. Just as milk requires fast refrigeration and sanitizing, produce does also. These units help even the small farmer as they are affordable, portable, and cost effective.

    ScoringAg Equipment For Sale

    Multiple Use Garden Tractor by ScoringAg, Inc.
    New dual electric solar powered 2W Cyber Clydesdale is an electronic marvel and handles more than one job and built to be used in Greenhouses, Nurseries and Small Farms. The environmentally friendly new Multiple Use Electric Tractor by ScoringAg is the answer for many issues the industry is facing now.
    — 2.88 kWh battery — 4 kw of drive — 10 km/h max speed — 300 nm of torque Motor: 2 x 2kW BLDC motors ¦ Transmission: worm drive reduction gear box ¦ Axle configuration: independently powered ¦ Speed variation: infinite variable speed control from 0 ⇔ 10 km/h ¦ Standard wheel/tyre size: 6.50-16″ ¦ Weight: approx. 100kg without implements | Battery: 2.88 kWh 150 Amp maximum discharge current ¦ Steering: skid steer ¦ Working decibels: 10

    Hi-Tech Estate Tractor Uses Solar to cut and trim the lawn
    The 18 hp lawn tractor takes free energy from the local environment or household current to charge it’s electrical batteries. The electric tractor has more power with less consumption. This means more work, longer run times, with shorter and cheaper recharging. The quiet Estate tractor can pull a wood trailer or push snow in the winter, The attachments make it more than just a garden tractor. «There’s an electric rotary tiller, there’s a snow blower, a snow plow, cultivator, a plow, a rotary brush, a towable rotary tiller, and you can even run a chainsaw off of its battery pack, and the list is endless for attachments.»

    Compact Tractor Solar / Electric by ScoringAg
    New dual electric or solar powered Compact Tractor is an electronic marvel and handles more than one job and built to be used on sustainable small farms. The environmentally friendly new Compact Tractor by ScoringAg is the answer for many issues the small farmer is facing today. ⇒ Specs


    New dual electric or solar powered Row Crop Tractor is an electronic marvel and handles more than one job and built to be used on sustainable small farms. The environmentally friendly new row crop Farmtrac Solar/Electric Tractor by ScoringAg is the answer for many issues the small farmer is facing now.

    You can cut your tillage cost by more than 50% and reduce maintenance costs by 85% with using solar collected energy. The electric 26 hp tractor has 4WD and 3 pt. hitch and roll bar which can have a sun canopy.

    Operating pictures

    Advantages and Cost Saving Electric Solar Tractors for Farming.pdf

        Tremendous fuel and oil savings by using ScoringAg Electric / Solar powered tractors is the answer not only in developed countries, also in countries where fuel is scarce and/ or high priced.

    Electric Row crop Cab tractor´s by ScoringAg

       New dual electric or solar powered Row Crop Tractor is an electronic marvel and handles more than one job and built to be used on sustainable farms.

    Knegt 55 horsepower electric tractor
    The 100% electric 55 horsepower tractor Knegt 404CG2E is standard equipped with: power steering, 4Wheel Drive, low and high gearing, differential lock, 2 hydraulic pumps, 2 double acting hydraulic valves and PTO with two gears. The Knegt deluxe cab is a well-insulated cab with a complete range of standard features like: heating, ventilation, two windscreen wipers with wash system, radio with two speakers, 12V outlet, connection for a beacon, four LED work lamps, large safety-glass windows for great vision and a large door. Optional air, and front 3 pt. hitch, and loader with attachments. It can be charged from the farms solar energy collection system like https://www.et-sun.com/About/ ( SolarFence )

    Electric Utility Tractor by ScoringAg

    Operating pictures


    Monarch tractor
    The Monarch tractor addresses those issues by combining electrification, automation, machine learning and data analysis to improve the farm manager´s real-time vision of the farming operation by both collecting and analyzing visual and digitized data from the field. The Monarch features a 360-degree camera surveillance system and can process 240 gigabytes (GB) of crop data every operating day.
    The tractor is 100% electric /4WD and can run up to 10 hours a day. It can be charged from the farms solar energy collection system like et-sun.com ( SolarFence )

    Scoring Ag is an official Reseller for Sioux Equipment

    Weedmore© Steamers

    Weedmore© Steamers are efficient and built for practical weed control whether site specific, row crop, or total coverage. There are several advantages of applying steam for weed control, including weather-independent applications even organic areas. In other words, steam can be applied under any conditions of wind and rain without any concerns about drift, runoff or loss of efficacy. With proper and safe equipment use, steam can also be applied within the proximity of people and animals without contamination. Durable wands, steam cover pans, steam spikes of any size or shape make steaming spot applications low cost and easier to handle.

    Steaming for Weed Management

    Custom made from 0.02 gpm to 10 gallons per minute.

    Attachments for spot steaming:

    The TreeSteamer© invented by ScoringAg, Inc.
    The TreeSteamer© a new invention from ScoringAg, a company that leads the way in agricultural sanitation equipment, is a continuous or batch process treatment steaming tunnel system that protects the worldwide Citrus Industry from Greening Disease, also known as Huanglongbing (HLB), or yellow dragon disease, the most devastating disease of citrus. The tunnel model can treat 3-5 trees per batch or operate continuous across the groves.

    Video how it's works: The TreeSteamer©

    Operating pictures tunnel model
    TreeSteamer© Trailer Model 24’ or 29’ for insect and or disease control

    TreeSteamer© Drop Canopy Model unit works best in most types of groves with uniform tree sizes and spacing.  It can treat single or 2 - 3 trees without moving.
    By using the TreeSteamer© Drop Canopy Model, it gives growers good options such as treating a single tree or being used in high density citrus plantings.

    Video how it's works: the drop canopy model

    Operating pictures drop canopy model

    is made to operate in groves that have a high amount of resets, buck-horned citrus trees and extra large and tall trees mixed together.
    It also can be used to treat backyard citrus.

    Video how it's works: The TreeSteamer©-Mini

    Operating pictures Mini model

    SoilSteamer© from ScoringAg

    Steaming automatic with spiked hoods brings the best savings for soil treatments.

    Spiked hood steaming is a combined method of inserting steam at the surface and below with drilled spikes set into the soil.The enclosed hoods hold steam pressures at the covered surface giving complete coverage while the spikes deliver steam below.

    Spiked hood steaming has some advantages for better soil sterilization at controlled temperature.
    Steam insertion has a 30% advantage in less treatment time to get to the correct depth, heat loss is less because of better thermal conduction and steaming time is cut by 50%.

    Flo-Tec with ScoringAg develops a new operating delivery system for its Chemical Sanitizers

    The Dosatron equipment is built into a delivery and spray bar system from Flo-Tec that gives sanitation directly to conveyors and processing lines for the needed kill step of FSMA that only uses local water to run.
    The products used in this sanitizing step are Di Oxy Solv and Peroxy Punch based upon PAA and Hydrogen Peroxide to get a 5 log surface reduction of food borne pathogens for harvested crops and disinfection purposes.

    Operating pictures Flo-Tec

    ScoringAg’s Agriculture Nettings are made out of UV polyester, that is extremely strong and stretchy.

    It is made out of special woven polyester fiber which is patented and manudfacture only for ScoringAg. The white fabric is stretchable, flexible, indestructible and reusable and can be custom sized in any width, diameter and length.

    ScoringAg Polyester Agriculture Nettings is a physical barrier to insects and worms, preventing infestation without sprays or poisons of any kind. Large raindrops are broken into a mist, preventing heavy rain damage, even hail just bounces off.

    This material is the best fit for individual trees and also for high tunnels or hoop houses to keep the damaging insects out. The material is tested by the University Florida for psyllids. It works also to keep SWD and other small insects out as well as deer, squirrels, birds. It also keeps frost and extreme sunlight off the plants.

    Plants protected with ScoringAg’s grow 2-3 times faster as the light is disseminated in a way that plants like and make them grow better.

    It can be used as an additional layer to existing screens that are not fine enough or replacing plastic material that gets easily damaged.

    ScoringAg TreeTubes© at Ft, Pierce Research station show the reasons of good growth in 2nd and 3rd year citrus profitability.

    The Economics of Mesh Bags for Protecting Young Citrus Trees

    AgPack Belt Dual Air Knife M400 belt conveyors with stainless steel 12 ft. conveyor, can run either single or dual air knife‘s depending upon moisture needed on the crop.
    Do I need a harvest equipment sanitizer? Do I need a harvest equipment sanitizer?

    Yes, contaminations have many sources and can occur during the whole supply chain but are often found at farm and packing shed level. Our portable Sanitizer machine makes it easy to clean and sanitize harvesting containers betweeen lot number changes such as buckets, harvest pails, totes, RPC's, bins, processing belts, and shovels/brooms etc. at any needed place.
    Reusable produce containers often contaminated

    Sanitizer for Food Safety: YouTube video

    Zebra Field Tracer Labeler

    The new Series 2 Zebra Field Tracer Labeler replaces the former printing system with updated software and hardware. The new rugged tablet and printer system captures even temp at site in real time with serial number ID on each all weather label, and humidity in along with the most accurate GPS field records to produce the best barcode protected harvest records possible.
    Also by labeling every product (item-level) with ScoringAg‘s SSI-EID unique traceback code back to the lot number in the field and not just to a brand name or another generic place helps to remove contaminated products from the market in hours as required by the FSMA law.
    Many companies never recovered from a food or feed contamination.

    is a new innovation that leads the way in products that are beneficial to the grain handling industry for sanitation and prevention of foodborne pathogens.

    Operating pictures Steam 'N Air

    for big plastic, wood or metal bin sanitation.

    Flyer Flat Bed Dryer

    <—Headed for soybean seed operation in Canada

    Operating picture and video Flat Bed Drying
    RPC Containers
      High quality RPC´s Containers and Totes that work very well in our sanitizer and hydro-cooling machines that last for many years.

    • UV stabilized to protect from the sun´s harmful rays.
    • Are torsionally stable and strong, yet gentle on produce.
    • Maximizes heat and humidity Intelligent design eliminates external ribs where cracks start and dirt gathers.
    • Thick, rounded, more comfortable handles improve worker safety.
    • Smooth inside and out to improve quality and pack-out.
    • Color choice and metal detectable options are available.

    • Built with FDA approved, food-grade Polypropylene material or food-grade HDPE.
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    IPCs for HLB Prevention in Young Trees

    ROI water plant in a 20 foot shipping container

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